Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo Time...

It's day 12 on our trip, and we have finally found an Internet cafe that has decent broadband speed... so I thought I'd take the opportunity to upload some photos so you can see what we have been up to.

We went on Safari at Pilansburg National Park - Giraffe above

Cheetah - a very rare spot, walked right across the road in front of us.

Tim and I at Sun City (or Sin City as I like to call it). We are in the 'Valley of Waves' water park - was great fun! There was one slide with a vertical drop... everyone went on it and I was last to go... being scared of heights at the last min I looked up to the lifeguard and said "I've changed my mind can you pull me back up please" - his reaction... uncurl my fingers one-by-one from the handle and PUSH me down... more like a DEATHGUARD!!!

Clay Pigeon Shooting - was great fun... Tim and I had a shoot-off and I'm disgusted to say he won... I am keen for more shooting, and Jane has sent me a link to one in Zambia - thanks Jano!

At St Ive's Estate - Claire and Brad's wedding - was a wonderful evening, great way to kick off the new year!!

A few of the hunting trophies Eddie keeps in his 'Room of Death'

We have Darryl and Jane's wedding in a couple of nights which will be fun, and then we make our way off to Mozambique (first we have to stay a couple of nights in Joburg to get our Visas). Looking forward to branching off on our own, but will no doubt miss the little luxuries!

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