Thursday, December 17, 2009

Africa Calling...

In 7 days time my partner Tim and I will be heading off to Africa after what seems like a lifetime of planning and saving!

The countries we are visiting and some things we will be doing there are below:

South Africa (Soccer World Cup/2 Weddings) see the link for the estate one of the weddings will be at:

Mozambique (Zanzibar, Scuba Diving in Tofo)

Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Vist to St Judes School - see link)

Malawi (Lake Malawi)



Botswana (Okavango Delta - see link)

And, of course we'll be safariing somewhere - but we haven't locked that in as yet!

I haven't really started to get excited yet, I suppose because I have no idea whats in store for us for the next 6 months... and I am probably a little apprehensive about the change in living style - going from the comfort of a bed and all the comforts of home, to becoming a nomad living from hostel to hostel.

This weekend we'll be packing up our flat in Footscray and moving all our gear into storage - it will be sad to say goodbye to the place, but we plan to move back to the Wild West of Melbourne when we return in July 2010.

Tim will also be blogging away so if at any stage I get a little lazy and don't post anything - you can check his out at

The main email I'll be using is so hit me up with your news and updates :)

I'll leave you with a picture of the beast we are going to attempt to climb - the mighty Kilimanjaro...