Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Change in the wind...

The rain sprays on the tin roof and makes a sound like static through the radio,
a chilling wind blows in my face and I find relief from this rare cool change. Another change has blown through me recently and has changed the course of my trip, and perhaps my life. Tim and I have decided to move on seperately, which is sad and leaves me travelling alone in this foreign continent. I lie awake in the morning and try to come to terms with how my life has ended me up lying in a reed hut and listening to the sounds of the Lake slapping against the rocks, whilst I'm thousands of kilometres away from family and friends. It is not something that one imagines possible, butit's refreshing and I feel a calmness in being by myself again. I have decided to take a completley different path in Africa and head upto Egypt this weekend to join two friends from Australia in some travel, I smile just thinking about seeing them as I need a familiar face right now. From here I'm not sure where I will go, but I am looking forward to seeing new things, and new places. My mum is worried sick about the prospect of me traveling alone, and this is fair enough considering my track record for outlandish behavior and thrill-seeking fun. I don't want people to worry - I will come home, I will be OK, and I will return for big hugs from everyone!
One thing this trip has taught me is that I am damn lucky to have such a brilliant family, and group of friends and the memories of them I carry with me are priceless. Whoever coined the idea that wealth is not how much money you have, but is measured by friends and family is right... because right now I feel extremely wealthy. The rain has turned torrential now, and I am marooned in this internet cafe... which is actually no longer working as nothing in Africa works when the rain comes. I need to wait for the internet to work again so I can book my flights to Egypt... I will be staying in Sharm and Cairo - and then will travel some more once Tegan and Nathan leave. One activity I will be doing for sure is taking a cruise down the Nile... In awhile crocodile!

Note: it is now two days later... and it's still raining!!